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Hi Val,
    How are you doing?  I am fine.  I am visiting my parents for a couple of weeks.  My parents have their 40th so we are getting together with my brother and sister and families to celebrate that.

    I was hoping to get more done on SignWriter Studio this month.  I started working on getting the picture to center in the report but didn't get very far as I was interrupted.  I was planning on finishing it today but had other unexpected events that didn't let have the time to have a look at it.  So I don't have any worthwhile changes to send you this month.  I am ok with not getting any money from you this month but I am definitely going to work on it in September.  I really want to get the dictionary published.

    I did get to talk to Steve Slevinski for a little over an hour.  It was very fruitful.  Steve showed me how I can better save signs to SignPuddle from SignWriter Studio.  It won't fully eliminate the difficulties we have with synchronizing the two but will definitely help in make SignWriter Studio more useful for more people.  Also I was happy to see that the Javascript library can change the hand colors and size  wow!! I thought I would be a few years before I would be seeing that!! It was awesome.
    We talked a bit about the database he is implementing for the new SignPuddle and I gave him a few suggestions there too.  Also he promised to fill out the uuid fields in SignPuddle so that we can an easy way for both of our programs to refer to a given entry in SignPuddle.  We had put uuid in the schema many years ago but Steve hadn't got around to implementing filling them out in the program.

So I guess that's all for now.

Wish you the best with everything.

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