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October 20, 2015

I wanted to read the sentence Stefan posted (see attached), so I started by entering the German SignPuddle Dictionary online (, and I clicked on the icon Search by Symbols (Symbole). I searched for the handshape in the middle, the second sign with a fist. It was found …It was the German word for “win”… So then I realized that Stefan was translating the phrase “Generosity always wins” in German signs…To be sure of this, I opened Google Translate, and typed the phrase in English, and found the phrase in German: "Großzügigkeit gewinnt immer.” Then I went back to SignPuddle Online and looked up the signs for “Großzügigkeit" and “immer”. So I was right!

THANK YOU, Stefan, for this written sentence, and THANK YOU, Steve, for programming and giving us SignPuddle Online ;-)

Anytime you see a sentence written in a foreign sign language, you can find out what it means this way -

Val ;-)


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