We are looking for adults who have used a sign language from an early age to
record their language for inclusion in SignTyp, an on-line cross-linguistic
dictionary/database project at
<> . Payment details below. 


Signers use the prompt images at
<> , which include
common concepts of numbers, animals, body parts, nature, food, clothing,
tools, games, careers, relationships, space and time. Estimated total time
involved is about 4 hours. Recordings may be made as time permits, and can
use any device with acceptable quality (camera, smartphone, tablet, webcam
etc.). They can be made as selfies or with a recorder assisting. 

Alternatively, we may pay for videos which have already been collected, if
they can be matched to our prompts. A mix of already created videos and new
videos is also possible.



Payment: Signers are paid $0.50 USD per sign. A signer who completes the
entire set is paid $500 or equivalent in other currencies. Payments may be
split as desired among signer and any others involved in the work. There may
be additional work, if interested.

Payments for already created videos to be negotiated.

Financial assistance for recording costs. Assistance can be given for the
cost of cameras, flash cards, internet charges, selfie sticks or other
special costs. Signers with limited or no internet access can be provided
prompts by other methods.

Free online expandable dictionary of your sign language: This is a wonderful
opportunity to obtain a free online (and printable) dictionary of your
language -- and be paid to help create it. Your dictionary will have more
than 1000 signs, with videos of each sign, pictures of the concept, spoken
language glosses, and a transcription into SignWriting. You can add
additional material beyond the scope of our project. 

Free SignWriting: All signs are transcribed into SignWriting with additional
sequencing information added. Data on handshape, orientation, action,
location, hand relationships, and sequence are included. All data can be
exported for your use in other programs. 

Transcription is normally done on a first-come, first-served basis, so a
quick response puts you ahead in the queue! And, if you are interested, and
are familiar with SignWriting, we can even pay you to provide

Work-in-progress examples of SignWriting for ASL, Nicaraguan, Honduran,
Turkish and other sign languages can be seen at <> . We
expect to be adding Russian, Tunisian and Haitian signs shortly.

Free phonological/phonetic research database: Each language is added to a
downloadable research database, similar to the original SignTyp1 database at
<>  .


Contact: Rachel Channon -- rchannon1 @ 

SignTyp is made possible by National Science Foundation grant BCS-1049510 to
Harry van der Hulst at the University of Connecticut. 




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