Hello everyone!
I am amazed at using Rand Keyboard! I am also thankful to Wikipedia for allowing us to record articles for generations to come!
I amde my third article entitled "Abou Kacem Chebbi"....
He is the most famous Tunisian poet, sadly he died when he was 24 years old, but he wrote too many poems which were a new phase
in Arabic poems innovation and a cutting with the past with old arabic poems!
His great poems influenced too many writers, peoms, singers and NATIONS all over the world.
Our Tunisian Hymn contains two verses of his poems:
When the people will to live,
Destiny must surely respond.
Oppression shall then vanish.
Fetters are certain to break.
I wish one day I can translate some of them into Tunisian Sign Language!

I am still struggling with images inserting into Wikipedia. By now I leant I insert images, and I can see them well placed into the texts,
but when clicking on "save page" which is at left appearing in blue color, nothing happens, and the picture is not saved!
What shall I do?
Thank you!

Link to the page (without image)


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