Rather than trying a voice-to-text app, which can be difficult, slow, 
with grammar errors (auto-complete), try setting up remote CART.  CART 
stands for Communication Access Real-time Translation. Basically, a CART 
provider listens in to the sermon at his/her home (or wherever) - 
usually through a cell phone used by the person talking - and codes it 
in shorthand with a stenotype machine.  Special software in a computer 
(usually a laptop) translates the shorthand from the stenotype into 
words.  These words are then broadcast live over the internet on a site 
such as  It's a very quick, reliable, established 
method and it can be accessed either on a computer or smart phone.

I have a good friend who just started her own local Christian radio show 
and she's also a CART provider and the sign interpreter at my church.  
Because of her knowledge and background, she provides remote CART for 
her radio show.  Her deaf friends (some who live a thousand miles away) 
"listen" in.  It's an amazing experience: the deaf listening to a radio 
show .. who would have thought?
If you want to see a start page for the remote CART, it's here:

If you want more information and want to see about providing this for 
your church, contact me privately and I can give you contact information 
to get you started.

Oh, and one other thing ... it provides a transcript of the sermon, 
which can also be posted on your website, or printed out, archived, etc.




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