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April 18, 2016

Hello SignWriting List members, and Jorge Pinto, Jorge Rodrigues and Rafaela Silva in Portugal!

Thank you for your excellent Skype conversation. It was quite exciting for me to visit with three friends from Portugal, in one meeting, on Skype. And we made some good decisions on writing Fingerspelling in Portuguese Sign Language. If you want to make changes later, that is fine. Right now, we have made a decision and we can test it now.

Steve Slevinski has created a Portuguese Fingerspeller. Thank you Steve!

You can type Portuguese Fingerspelling now, in SignPuddle.

Go to:

Portuguese SignPuddle Dictionary

Click on the Fingerspeller Icon on the left of the screen:

Type Portuguese words and it will appear in Fingerspelling.

Here is an example I just created with the new Fingerspeller program...this is just A-Z in a row....

or you can choose a vertical version:



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