Hi SignWriting List,

Happy New Year to all.  I have lots to share and I hope you do too.

First, I'm happy to celebrate 5 years of stability with Formal 
SignWriting: the computer encoding of Sutton SignWriting.  I have a new 
internet draft available that contains all of the technical information 
about the specification.

Second, I'd like to announce a new effort for Unicode.  Section 4 of the 
document above contains a new design that builds on the 672 Unicode 
characters that have already been accepted.  The new design completes 
the script encoding with an additional 17 characters. I've put together 
a brief presentation available online.

Third, the Center for Sutton Movement Writing is working on a grant 
proposal from the Wikimedia Foundation.  The grant involves the creation 
of a 2-D font that will work with the new Unicode design. The new font 
will be the key component of the official submission to the Unicode 
Technical Committee for the 17 new characters.

Fourth, the Sutton SignWriting project is a nice collection of resources 
that explain and leverage the state of the art for using SignWriting online.

2017 is going to be another great year for SignWriting.  Warmest wishes 
to all.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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