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January 2, 2017

Hello SignWriting List, and Rafa, Natasha, Erika, Henk and Tini -

Thank you for the Happy New Year wishes - This whole month of December has been a month of family gatherings for me - On December 3rd, we celebrated my parent's 70th wedding anniversary with a "renewal of wedding vows" ceremony in our living room with around 60 friends and guests - my parents ages 96 and 95, said YES again after 70 years! It was an amazing event, and after it was all over, someone who attended the event told a local newspaper, and to all of our surprise, they had a whole page in the newspaper about the event - attached is the newspaper article in PDF -

And my family from Florida have been visiting here and tomorrow they fly home and my SignWriting life will begin again. I look forward to sharing 2017 with all of you and the Sutton family sends you all good wishes for a blessed New Year -  Val ;-)



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