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February 22, 2017

Hello Stefan!
I am SO glad to hear from you! I have been writing private emails to you several times, hoping to hear from you. I was thinking of telephoning you in Germany, just to make sure you are OK. So this email tells me that good news ;-)

It has been a very long time since we have heard from you...Has your email changed? Write to me when you can...

And of course THANK YOU once again for your birthday wishes. You are a wonderful friend and co-worker and I feel very fortunate that we met each other on the internet so many years ago. Your remarkable work with SignWriting and your Deaf students at the Osnabrück School for the Deaf in Germany is a major part of SignWriting history.

So thank you for all you have done for writing sign languages and Mouth Movements for decades...Your development of a way to write Mouth Movements and Speech is groundbreaking.

For those interested in Stefan's work, there are many links on the web. I will write a second email as a tribute to Stefan, with his links - see next message later today.

Meanwhile, thank you Stefan for your BEAUTIFUL photography and art work, and for the SignWriting messages on these cards - I am so blessed to be showered with such beautiful cards -



On Feb 22, 2017, at 3:25 AM, Stefan Woehrmann <000000068eb2df61-dmarc-[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi Valerie and hi to all SignWriting fans all over the world....and I know that there are so many of them 

Same procedure as every year ---- big smile. 

Let us celebrate!

Today is Valerie`s birthday I want to wish you, Valerie, all the best !!

Today is a wonderful day!

 TODAY is your day, and thank you, for all you do for the world …for your family …for your friends .....  Thanks for your ingenious invention …for your wonderful tutorials   ...  for your generosity to share your ideas with us…and for your friendship ;-)  

I  have created quite a lot of cards and animations over the years, but today is a wonderful opportunity to create another Happy Birthday card just for YOU Valerie. 

So many people around the world will share feelings of gratitude towards you for your never ending patience, respect, strenghth, optimism, humor, .... 

All best 

think positive - think steps - think future



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