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September 1, 2017

Dear SignWriting List Members -
We are still waiting for Valencia College to fix the software that runs the SignWriting List. We certainly hope it will work again soon. Right now, we can only post messages from the server, and no one can send an email to the List from their own device. This is out of our hands. We will inform you if it works again, but we will continue to post announcements to the List.

SO... Steve Slevinski started a NEW SignWriting discussion group on Facebook!

You do not have to join Facebook to read the messages...We hope you will participate with us on Facebook.

Please join the NEW Facebook Group for SignWriting!
Everyone can join and post messages about using Sutton SignWriting.
All sign languages and spoken languages are welcome ;-)

Junte-se ao NOVO Grupo do Facebook para Escrita de Sinais!
Todos podem se juntar e enviar mensagens sobre o uso do Sutton SignWriting.
Todos os idiomas de sinais e idiomas falados são bem-vindos ;-)

¡Únete al NUEVO grupo de Facebook para SignWriting!
Todos pueden unirse y publicar mensajes sobre el uso de Sutton SignWriting.
Todos los idiomas de señas y lenguas habladas son bienvenidos ;-)

Joignez-vous au NOUVEAU GROUPE Facebook pour SignWriting!
Tout le monde peut se joindre et afficher des messages sur l'utilisation de Sutton SignWriting.
Toutes les langues des signes et les langues parlées sont les bienvenues ;-)

Si prega di aderire al NUOVO gruppo di Facebook per SignWriting!
Tutti possono iscriversi e inviare messaggi sull'utilizzo di Sutton SignWriting.
Tutte le lingue dei segni e le lingue parlate sono benvenute ;-)

Bitte besuchen Sie die NEUE Facebook Gruppe für SignWriting!
Jeder kann beitreten und Post Nachrichten über die Verwendung von Sutton SignWriting.
Alle Zeichensprachen und gesprochenen Sprachen sind willkommen ;-)

يرجى الانضمام إلى مجموعة الفيسبوك الجديدة ل سيغنوريتينغ!
يمكن للجميع الانضمام ونشر الرسائل حول استخدام سوتون سيغنوريتينغ.
جميع لغات الإشارة واللغات المحكية هي موضع ترحيب ؛-)



Valerie Sutton
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