Hi SW List,

I'm glad we're back.

Last month, I completed a version 2.1 update for the PocketPuddle.  This
update comes from the current version of SignPuddle Online and includes
the SignWriting in Unicode (SWU) data format, fingerspeller (some
assembly required), and other general improvements.

Download the 100 KB patch file, unzip the file, and copy the files to
the "www" directory for Windows or "htdocs" for Mac (PersonalPuddle).

While this is the last update for version 2, this product contains a lot
of features and history.  I am happy to release version 2 of the
PocketPuddle and PersonalPuddle as shareware.  If you have it, you can
give it.  If someone has it, you can ask for it.

If you were gifted or purchased the PocketPuddle or PersonalPuddle, stay
tuned for the new version 3 coming out soon. Please feel free to share
the version 2 code with anyone who would consider it useful.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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