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October 10, 2017

Dear SignWriting List Members:

Did you know that the SignWriting List has moved to 2 NEW Lists?

1. On Facebook:
Sutton SignWriting Discussion Group

2. On Google Plus:
Sutton SignWriting Google+ Community

Why the NEW Lists? Because Valencia College is no longer supporting our old SignWriting List with Technical Support, and no one can post to the old SignWriting List from their email accounts any longer. The only way to post is from the server, and we are concerned that that possibility will no longer be available soon. So we are backing up the Archives of the old messages and moving on to the TWO NEW Lists above.

PLEASE JOIN the new SignWriting Lists!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

And thank you for your wonderful participation in the past - We look forward to more communication.

Blessings -

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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