Hello everybody,
it's been so long! I'm still enjoying my very-long maternity leave (the twins will soon be 2 y.o. and I've to come back to work for their 3rd birthday)... But I'm loosing my passion for research on SL writing systems! I'm writing a book based on my phd thesis (2012) and I need to update the datas about SW.
Can someone tell me where can I find:
1) a list of the SW project all around the world (I remember Val used to do a "what has been done with SW this year", I don't know if you still do it... I'd like to know what ave been done since 2012)
2) a paper resuming the great job you've done with Unicode
Thanks a lot

Claudia S. Bianchini, PhD
MCF Licence SDL-LSF, Univ. Poitiers
Laboratoire EA3816-FoReLL
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Université de Poitiers - UFR Lettres et Langues (Bât. A3)
1 rue Raymond CANTEL - TSA 11102



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