Hello Steve (and everybody)
I'm working on my bookchapter on SW and I'm analysing your work on Unicode.
I've a question... I hope I'll menage to ask it clearly in english!
When you add a modifier "R2-3-4-...-16" to an HANDSHAPE it will change the hand and the angle.... when you add a modifier "F2-3-4-5-6" it will  modify the side of the hand you will see...  And for the moment no problem! For each hanshape you have 96 possibilities.
When you add a modifier "R2-...-16" to a HAND MOVEMENT it will modify the side of rotation and the angle... when you add a modifier "F2...6" it will modify the hand that is moving (left, right, both). HERE IS MY QUESTION... for this modification you just need no-F (F1), F2 and F3... you dont need F4, F5 and F6 because for every movement you just have 48 possibilities...
1) what happen if I use F4, F5 and F6 fo modify a hand movement?
2) F4 will act exactly as no-F (and F2=F5 and F3=F6)? or will I get a "void" caracter, so I can't add F4 to a hand movement? I think that you are using opentype to create a good font for SW, right? I'm not very good in this field, but I think that this problem belong to opentype not to unicode, right? So what have you done with opentype....
3) If I'm a researcher and I need to find every single Hand Movement with F2, how can I get also the one with F5 (F2=F5) without going crazy doing strange queries... I reformulate... is there something (not me!) that will know that HandMov+F2 is the same that HandMov+F5 and will give me both when I just serach HandMOv+F2?

I hope I've been clear enought...


Claudia S. Bianchini, PhD
MCF Licence SDL-LSF, Univ. Poitiers
Laboratoire EA3816-FoReLL
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Université de Poitiers - UFR Lettres et Langues (Bât. A3)
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