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January 24, 2018

Hello Rachel and everyone -
Thank you for these questions. The dots and lines do NOT mean "pause". There are no pauses written with these symbols.

The dots mean "back towards the body", away from the horizon, hitting the Back Wall Plane...

... and the little lines mean "away from the body", forward toward the horizon, hitting the Front Wall Plane.

These curved arrows are double-stemmed. This means that the movement is moving up or down- BUT - by putting the dots or horizon lines on them, the curve is suddenly not flat with the Front Wall, but instead the curve travels up or down and at the same time also "hits the Front Wall forward" or "hits the chest back towards your body" - so these are combinations - they are both moving up or down but the curves are curving towards your chest or away, like a pregnant woman or a man with a pot belly - Here they are in a group:

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Hi everyone,  Could someone explain to me the meaning/use of this set of symbols?  They appear to be rarely used, but I have seen them when something is being “randomly” arranged in space, as in placing x’s and o’s for tictactoe or a showing individual grapes in a bunch of grapes.  One part I don’t understand is why some of them have the horizontal lines and some of them have the dots that I think mean coming toward the signer.  Could it just mean that this is a wavy motion on a diagonal path that goes away from the signer (if there are lines) and comes toward the signer if there are dots?
Or could the dots mean that there is a slight pause in the wave action at those points? 
Thank you!



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