Hi SignWritig List,

Three topics this week: the SignTyp linguistic coding system, the 
Brazilian Sign Language Wikipedia, and the 10 week countdown for 2019.


SignTyp is a linguistic coding system created by Rachel Channon that has 
been integrated with SignWriting.  The project has over 20,000 videos 
from over 20 sign languages.  She has completed several resources that 
she will be announcing shortly.

Rachel's project is using a customized version of SignPuddle 2 with a 
semi-automated analysis page she calls the Structured SignSpelling.  She 
has thoroughly reviewed the ISWA 2010 and created a set of translation 
files and an explanation of the Structured SignSpelling.  She is sharing 
her data for the benefit of others. This is a great project and I'm 
excited to use her data in SignPuddle 3.

Brazilian Sign Language Wikipedia

This week, the Brazilian Sign Language Wikipedia was recognized as an 
"eligible" project according to the rules of the Wikimedia Language 
Committee.  It was said to have a "Reasonable amount of content."  
Thanks Adam Frost and everyone in Brazil who was involved.

The race is on. Which will be the first sign language Wikipedia with a 
top-level domain?
* American Sign Language -
* Brazilian Sign Language -

10 Week Countdown for 2019

We have reached the 10 week countdown for 2019.  I was hoping to 
continue with SignWriting development full time in 2019, but I am only 
5% of the way towards my funding goal.

For the best possible future, I need your support.  You can directly 
support our work by joining the Patreon campaign as an individual. You 
can also encourage your group, institution, school, or governmental 
agency to support our efforts.  With the great news coming out of Brazil 
and elsewhere, and with definitive research soon to be published, I 
think even the United Nations should take notice of SignWriting and 
support our work.

I believe in SignWriting and I think we have an amazing future ahead of 
us.  SignWriting is and always will be free to use.  Funding SignWriting 
development is difficult to sell, but so important for the future.

Regardless of what happens, I will always support SignWriting.

All the best,



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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