Hi Fernando,

On 10/5/18 1:27 PM, Fernando UFRGS wrote:
> Fantastic job! I'm amazed by what you've done so far and glad you're 
> sharing this progress with us :)
Thank you for supporting SignWriting and appreciating my work.  I 
believe in SignWriting because I know it works and kids are learning.

Writing is one of the most human activities possible: it illuminates, it 
clarifies, and helps us think better.  Writing gives us super powers.  
First, we can communicate with ourselves through time.  Second, we can 
tell a better story than pure stream of consciousness.

When I first started with SignWriting, I had a dream of the internet 
covered with SignWriting.  I started making web pages with screen 
captures because SignWriting Dos was difficult to use.  I created the 
Sutton SignWriting standards of 2010, 2012, and 2017 so that the core 
concepts of SignWriting were not application specific.  I use these 
standards myself in SignPuddle 3 development, but they are also 
available for others to use in their projects as well.  Take the poll to 
let me know your thoughts.

I'm glad you like my weekly report.  I will keep sending them to the 
list, rather than just Val as in the past.

> If you need any help with the brazilian portuguese translation, I can 
> lend a hand or two :) Feel free to e-mail me or send a Facebook message.
I will take you up on that offer.  When available, I will make you an 
editor of the collection named "pt-BR-interface-sp3".




Valerie Sutton
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