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October 28, 2018

...continued from last message...

So here is Fernando's original question...

I've been wondering: whats the difference between the "dot and line" symbols for diagonal movements and the ones with the black marking on the extremities (like the ones attached in this message)? I've read that those are identical, but I saw on SignMaker 2017 that there is another name for it with the word "Between" in the description. So... Can someone help me with that?

Diagonal Arrow FORWARD, moving away from your chest, towards the HORIZON in front of you...

All Diagonal Arrows are showing movement that is "between" moving forward and moving up or down. So a Diagonal Arrow is automatically a "Between" arrow - between the normal arrows of straight up and down and forward - Diagonal Arrows are showing movement that is "between" the Front Wall Plane and the Floor Plane.

Some of the symbols you are referring to are older symbols...and they still exist, but we RARELY use them.

Here is the idea behind those symbols...

The Horizon Line is written across the double-stem-line of the up or down arrow. It can be placed higher or lower on the stem of the arrow, depending on the angle of the diagonal. See attached diagram.

We generally only use the one with the Horizon Line in the center since it is simple information "Diagonal Forward" - most of the time the details of the exact Diagonal are not necessary for writing signs for daily use...

But if you are a researcher who needs the "In-Between Diagonal Planes" technically you can write those by placing the Horizon Line at different levels on the Up or Down arrows. See attached.

Adam - Did you do a video showing each one of these "In-Between Diagonals"? I remember you created a wonderful diagram - I loved it and I need to find it! Please post it ;-)



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