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October 2, 2018

Great to hear from you, Eduardo... And of course Steve's suggestions are excellent.

There is another solution I developed with Todd Duell, years ago, in FileMaker.

Download the program here:

SignWriting DocumentMaker

It is a standalone solution. It is not necessary to purchase FileMaker. It is used in combination with SignPuddle Online's SignText & ColumnMaker features.

If you do not own FileMaker - on the above web page - scroll down. At the bottom you can download the Runtime versions for Windows and Mac, that makes it possible to run the program without owning FileMaker.

Do this:

1. Write your SignWriting document in SignText in SignPuddle.

2. Save your document in SignPuddle.

3. Click on ColumnMaker in SignPuddle. Format your columns to the size and color and spacing you want. I normally choose SVG to PNG format for the symbols in the columns.

4. You can save the formatted columns as graphics files and place them in a folder to use later...

5. Or... with the formatted columns in ColumnMaker still open on your screen...(do not close the window)...

6. DocumentMaker Pro and create a new file and drag and drop the columns one by one from ColumnMaker into the place for columns in DocumentMaker...

7. Once you have the columns in DocumentMaker, you can add spoken language text in DocumentMaker, add page numbers and headers and footers...

8. Save your document to PDF from DocumentMaker.

This is how Nancy Romero wrote and published the entire New Testament and parts of the Old Testament in American Sign Language and others have written several children's stories this way. 

Attached is a diagram to show you how it looks - this diagram is from the instruction manual you can dowload online - notice the spoken language at the bottom of the page. Notice there are fields for page numbers written in sign languages too at the bottom of the page. DocumentMaker has several different layout choices to choose from...4-column, 2-column, Portrait, landscape etc... and you can save your documents in its own directory and re-format the documents for a different printing look any time -

See attached -  Val ;-)



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