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February 22, 2019

My dearest friends, and Stefan!

This is a very big gift to all of us, to hear from you again.

THANK YOU for your birthday wishes, for your art work and animated gifs, for the design of the animation which is really quite fantastic, and thank you for being YOU - Your talent is unending and is always a big part of my happy birthdays.


Our family has gone through a major transition in the past 12 hours, and I can tell you all that we are very fortunate to know each other. Love and generosity is what the world needs, and I was blessed to be in a family with love and generosity.

We would not have SignWriting if it were not for my father, who was an ardent fan of SignWriting. I held him in my arms all day yesterday and now he is with the angels, at age 97, and I will never forget my 68th birthday, which brought him home.

Because you are my friends, I had to tell you. I need to share with all of you, because you are my online family, and everyone needs family. 

Thank you again, Stefan, and I will now read the next messages. It is exciting to read messages on the SignWriting List again -

My love to everyone -

Val ;-)


On Feb 22, 2019, at 12:10 PM, Stefan Woehrmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi Valerie and hi to all SignWriting fans all over the world....and I know that there are so many of them

Same procedure as every year ---- big smile.

Let us celebrate!

Today is Valerie`s birthday I want to wish you, Valerie, all the best !!

Today is a wonderful day!

SignWriting is so much fun ....creating little animated gifs I can use the symbols you invented for different reasons!

 TODAY is your day, and thank you, for all the things you doing for the world to become a better place…for your family …for your friends .....  Thanks for your ingenious invention …for your wonderful tutorials   ...  for your generosity to share your ideas with us…and for your friendship ;-) 

I  have created quite a lot of cards and animations over the years, but today is a wonderful opportunity to create another Happy Birthday card just for YOU Valerie.

So many people around the world will share feelings of gratitude towards you for your never ending patience, respect, strenghth, optimism, humor, ....

All best

think positive - think steps - think future



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