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April 30, 2019

Hello Rachel -
Thank you for these questions - I will try to answer them bit by bit... regarding question 1... see my answer below your diagram...

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Hi everyone two new questions – 
  1. Here is a set of symbols:
I interpret the first symbol (S2a900) as:  
The right hand curves toward the horizon (viewer).  Then the hand curves back toward the signer (writer).  In other words, an S-curve.  The overall path direction is straight up and down (not sloped toward signer or viewer). 
Is this correct?

I believe you understand the visual movement, but the wording is always hard in English. The "Horizon" term means "far away from the chest or body". It is "like looking at a line on the Horizon out in the ocean" and reaching for that Horizon which is "far away". So your description of "viewer" in the first sentence confused me a little. So here is another try to explain it in words:

Looking at your chart 0-0:
The right hand starts to travel up, parallel to the Front Wall Plane. While it travels up it does an S-Curve. The S-Curve is NOT parallel to the Front Wall Plane. The S-Curve is parallel to the Side Wall Plane. While making the S-Curve, the right hand curves forward toward the Horizon, (hitting the Front Wall) and then it curves the opposite direction back towards the signer's chest. The dot on the curve represents curving back toward the chest. And this occurs while traveling up in general.

That is a large paragraph for such a lovely movement ;-)

Val ;-)



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