Hello everybody,

    Just to let you know that I've uploaded the latest version of SignWriter Studio.

There has been a bug fix when exporting SPML 

Also now in the Gloss to Sign to create documents, we can add a facial expression into other signs when creating a document.  It merges the two signs the best it can and can add one sign to several other signs, just add sign to merge inside an opening square bracket followed by the other signs to merge it into followed by a closing square bracket.

for example

hola yo feliz


[log in to unmask]" alt="">

But with the sonrisa sign and the square brackets gives

[sonrisa hola yo feliz]

[log in to unmask]" alt="">

It works for many signs.  For some signs, it still has some difficulty, the facial/head symbols aren't correctly positioned correctly then I open up the merged sign and move the symbols to the correct place.  But it helps me write better documents as I can add more facial expressions easier when I want to.

Wish you the best with all of your SignWriting projects.





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