I’d like to introduce you to an idea that you’ve probably heard before, namely

ProgramWriting “https://programwriting.org/” (don’t click) originally conceived as a movement writing way of creating computer programs.

The idea would be to be like a “choreographer” for computers.  I originally had the idea in 1991, but it appears that people had the same idea before and after me—Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, etc.  The idea would be to make these “improvised” on a very grand scale, beyond jazz etc.


Do you know anyone else pursuing this concept that I could team with?  I am mildly familiar with voice recognition, but my idea was for a non-sedentary way to program a computer.


I’ve seen recent advances in danceLogic, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dancelogic-innovative-youth-program-combines-coding-and-dance-2019-06-20/ , and that gives me hope.  Another approach is DynamicLand, but DynamicLand appears somewhat sedentary.


I have a background in Programming by Demonstration. “Drag and Drop” programming, essentially, working with a running program to build the program. http://dsmforum.org/events/DSVL01/carlson.pdf  Bret Victor is my idol these days. I’ve done little work on this since 1993 besides adding forms and queries to my system.


Part of my goal stems from a reading disability.  I’m would like to enjoy the things I enjoyed before I was disabled. The reading disability may have made writing difficult.  I think sign language may serve as an alternate to reading—at least I’m hoping it will.


If this could be tied into Blockly to do code generation in popular programming languages of today, that would be very cool.


If creative people could find a way to express themselves with the computer without typing or voice, that would be very cool.


If additionally, we could tie in natural semantic metalanguage, “semantic primes”, that would be even more exciting.




John Carlson




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