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January 15, 2020

About Cursive Writing ... or SW Handwriting ... or SW Shorthand (wink back, Adam ;-)

The reason we are smiling at each other is because we used to work with a separate writing method called SignWriting Shorthand versus SignWriting Handwriting, but in recent years the two seem to have blended and people are writing as they wish ;-)

Adam's presentation in 2014: "Ways to Write Sign Languages by Hand with SignWriting" is excellent. If you go to this web page, and scroll down, there is a video, and a PowerPoint showing how Adam writes by hand:

And thank you Adam for pointing out that you have Handwriting in these Facebook lessons:

Very nice! Those are great lessons. I hope you all check that out...

So Mark, and everyone, here are links to some old web pages. Do you remember that I taught a course online on SW Handwriting in January 2007? That is 13 years ago! People did their homework and it went well. Their homework is posted on the web. You can download the workbook and take the course on your own any time:

Write SignWriting by Hand

SignWriting Handwriting Course 2007

Handwriting workbook based on the above lessons:

You can even look at other student's homework to see how they wrote in their workbooks...

People did real well -

So Mark, between Adam's lessons and my 2007 course on the web you have something to study.

Thank you, Mark, for your 1000s of entries in the Singapore Sign Language Dictionary in SignPuddle. You have done a great deal of work and it is inspiring -

Val ;-)

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Valere Sutton
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On January 15, 2020 at 1:44 PM, Adam Frost <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

By cursive style, I assume you are referring to write SignWriting by hand. To be honest, there are several different ways to write by hand that writers will use. In fact, it become very individualistic and personal. The main reason is because most writers will write by hand for personal notes, which might be later transferred to the computer to print out for general use. Because of this, there isn’t a whole lot of material or even “standardization” on how to write SignWriting by hand.

I do a lot of writing by hand myself to the extent that it might not look like SignWriting to some people. It might almost be considered shorthand to some people as well. (Right, Valerie? *wink*)

I did a presentation on various ways to write by hand in 2014. You can find information and even watch the presentation with this link:

I have also done some short lessons on Facebook that include some lesson on writing by hand, but it isn’t by any means a complete explanation of how I write by hand. In fact, I don’t think I have even gone into a form of writing that I have personally been calling "simplified handwriting”. You can go to this link to check it out.


On Jan 15, 2020, at 12:17 PM, Tuệ Đinh Cao <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Ms Val and Mr Adam,

Why is the platform called “SignPuddle” instead of any other names? And whether there are materials to study the cursive style of Signwriting?

Best regards,

Mark Dinh


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