Hi SignWriting List,

I hope everyone is staying safe.  2020 is going to be interesting for 
SignWriting, especially for the websites.

These websites are currently hosted together on a server funded through 
Patreon.  I personally administer and manage the server. Over the years, 
these websites have grown and become complicated and intertwined.  The 
current server is reaching its end of life and needs to be rebuilt.

I have started the new server build.  It is up and running Cent OS 8.  
This week, I hope to complete the configuration and transfer over the 
simple static sites like,,, ...

After the simple sites are moved over, the more complicated PHP sites 
will be transferred.  SignPuddle Online and the PDF printing will be the 
most difficult.

The new server will be optimized for better performance. I'm hoping to 
move the sites without too much modification, but it's possible that 
SignPuddle 2 will need to be optimized first.  If that happens, I'll 
open source the code and put it on GitHub.  I should probably do that 

I will keep the list posted about when sites are moving and possible 
down time.  If you depend on any of the sites, their function, their 
data, or specific links, please let me know so that I add your 
requirements to the transition.  It's possible that some links may 
change and some functionality may be dropped on,, and


PS - If you find any of the websites valuable, consider joining our 
Patreon campaign.

We are over half-way to our 2020 fundraising goals for the server 
rebuild and future growth.



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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