Dear Steve,

Thanks for the video. Very impressive all the work you've done over the years. 

In case you don't know me... I learned SignWriting more than 10 years ago when I was learning sign language. My life took a different direction, but last year I got back into SignWriting when I attempted doing HoopWriting. Recently I haven't been doing a lot of HoopWriting although I'm still hooping and haven't forgotten it! :)

You mention it's hard to say who your target audience is, because most people either use SignWriting but don't know programming or they know programming but don't use SignWriting. You asked feedback so you know better what to focus on on your future videos. I think the video was very interesting, but it could be clearer about what help you need (if any). You mention your patreon site but would you also like help in other ways? And if so in what ways? It would be helpful if you made very clear requests. For the SignWriting users this could be requests for example about input you need of them about what functionalities of the various SignWriting sites they find most important, what's missing etc. For the technical people this could be requests about specific functionalities that need building. At the moment it is a lot of information and it is hard to know where to start. (I haven't really been involved with SignWriting recently, so sorry if I mention things that already have been talked about a lot...)

Talking about the two different audiences I kind of fit into both. I know SignWriting and I'm learning programming at the moment (eventually I would like to use my programming skills to develop e-learnings). So far I've learned some HTML/CSS and a little bit of Python and Javascript. So hopefully in future I could be of some help if needed. I try to learn a bit every day and apart from doing tutorials etc it would be good to do some real life programming to put my skills into practice, so potentially that could be something SignWriting related. However I'm still very much a beginner.

I hope this feedback is of some use to you. Good luck with the next SignWriting Stream!

Kind Regards,
Suzanne Pach

On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 8:43 PM Stephen Slevinski <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi SignWriting List,

I successfully recorded and posted the first episode of the SignWriting
Stream.  It's about half an hour.  Not professional. No captions yet,
unless auto caption works. Let me know. Skip to the end to see the hand
shapes rain.


PS - Here are the show notes

The SignWriting Stream is a live show where we show, teach, and demo all
about Sutton SignWriting.  The purpose of the show is to highlight our
current efforts and offerings so that we demonstrate the value we
provide.  If you find our work interesting or helpful, consider joining
the Patrons of SignWriting and becoming a member on , or donate directly to [log in to unmask]

The show premise is one shot without a script.  I have five bullet
points, a few mind-maps, and several websites.  The target audience is
not well defined.  People who know SignWriting and sign language, don't
care about the technical details.  People who care about technical
details don't want to know about writing sign languages. This is why
your feedback is so important.  What's good, what's bad, and what's
interesting?  What topics and what formats would you like to see?

Our current infrastructure and websites need massive work with minimal
resources.  We do what we can.  Look for improvements over time and
updates as we continue to grow.

Stuck in the past, ready for the present, working towards the future. 
SignWriting is complex and has had massive technological churn over the
years.  My work with SignWriting has evolved as I've built system after
system for SignWriting with the limited technology of the day.  Over the
years, I had to rebuild systems for the new technology of today.  Years
later, I found out that I needed to rebuild the systems for the
technology of tomorrow as well, so I mapped out the optimal path for
future growth.  Building on the Sutton SignWriting Standards of 2010,
2012 and 2017, I am hopeful and excited for the future of the Sutton
SignWriting packages.  I am especially pleased with the
@sutton-signwriting/core package. I will extensively demo this package
in a future episode.

And finally, in this episode, I announce that I will be open sourcing
SignPuddle 2 software later this year.  Before the website
can be moved to the new server, SignPuddle 2 needs to be rewritten to
use a database (MySQL or SQLite) rather than SPML.  SPML will be
supported in SignPuddle 2 as an optional export, but it will not be
supported in future offerings.  I can reuse the database work from
SignPuddle 3 and I can update the software to use the font files rather
than the slow and expensive PHP image scripts.  I will start this
project after the simple websites are moved to the new server.  Next
Saturday, I will move to the new server.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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