Hi Valerie, Adam and Steve,

and also to all members of the SignWriting List!

The research group in Santa Catarina - Brazil, needs your support to
explain the following questions that will help direct research related to
the use of the specific keyboard for Libras Writing by the SignWriting

1) Is the SignWriting RAND keyboard functional?

2) Is it possible to type SignWriting more quickly and quickly using the
RAND keyboard than other software?

3) Is the keyboard in question still active? If so, are there reports of
people using it to write Wikipedia articles in written sign languages? How
many can you measure?

4) In addition to Wikipedia, is it possible to use the SignWriting RAND
keyboard in another virtual environment, websites? Or install it on the
computer for producing texts in SignWriting? As in Microsoft programs?

5) How to learn to use the SignWriting RAND keyboard? Are there courses? Or
teaching materials for this purpose?

We thank you for your attention and support.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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