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November 9, 2020

Dear SW List Members -

I received a question about the idea of a graphics design project for SignWriting, creating a new “Typeface” look to enhance the existing symbols.

As you know, the Roman Alphabet has different “typefaces”, such as Helvetica, Times Roman, Arial and Geneva. The symbols are still the same but they have different personalities and some of the designs are very beautiful ;-)

We have SignWriting TrueType Fonts for the basic symbols, and when we use SignWriting symbols in software programs we can color them, and enlarge and reduce them, but we have never created a font with a “new graphics look” (that I know of), since so many SignWriting users are beginners in learning to read the basic symbols.

There was a presentation on the idea for a “SW Typeface” design, presented at the SignWriting Symposium. Many thanks to the presenters:

“Signtype: Designing a SignWriting Font - Ideas and Challenges”

Janina Lentföhr
Joachim Nitschke 
Paul Rutrecht

Thank you for the question!

Val ;-)



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