Hi SignWriting list,

In 2020, the state of SignWriting is strong and diverse.  I enjoy 
working with SignWriting on the weekends.  There is too much to do and 
so much possibility.  I wish I had a team and I could devote all of my 
efforts for SignWriting, but we have enough.

2020 didn't go as planned.  It started with a new technology stack and 
ended with the return of Unicode 8.

Let's review .  The website needs rewritten for 
2021, but other priorities come first.

  SignPuddle 2 - Still in use and still writing text.  Source code is 
available on GitHub.  It offers features not available anywhere else.  
Parts need rewritten before it can be moved to the new server.  Legacy 
code using old technology, inefficient processing, and historical 
character encodings.

SignMaker 2017 - An intermediate platform.  Demonstrates the utility of 
both Formal SignWriting in ASCII (FSW) and SignWriting in Unicode (SWU) 
character sets.  Creates SVG and PNG images for signs.  Still useful.

SignPuddle 3 Beta - SignPuddle 3 isn't going to happen without full-time 
development.  Because I switched to part-time development for 2020, I 
can no longer continue this project.  The front-end is being replaces by 
the Sutton SignWriting Web Components.  The back-end is being replaced 
by the SignWriting Cloud on the new server as a Restful and GraphQL 
common data resource.

The Sutton SignWriting Project - Stand alone implementation for most of 
the current technology stack.  Uses an older JS library, but the product 
is solid.

Work Projects
Two-Dimensional Font - No progress.  Grant from Wikimedia is not going 
to happen.  This project is still on my mind and will happen, but it is 
low priority due to budget, complexity, and time-constraints.

SignPuddle 3 Network - to be replaced by the SignWriting Cloud. Work in 

Additional Handshapes - New progress this year.  I've heard from Brazil 
and Portugal along with a few others.  I have a few options for making 
this work.  Unicode will consider the addition of new handshapes.  We 
need to collate, document, and process the new handshape applications.  
This will require a font update.

Printing HTML and PDF - The PDF printing is available on the old 
server.  This custom installation was time consuming and SignPuddle 2 
specific.  This will need re-implemented on the new server as part of 
the SignWriting Cloud.

Dictionary Cleanup - We lack real tools to make this possible. Never the 
less, people continue to work with the tools they have.

Handwriting Practice - I practiced a little bit of handwriting this 
year.  How about you?

International Awareness - More every day.  The Annex of Universal 
Languages includes a section for "International SignWriting by Valerie 

Fund Raising - No success.  My current Patreon campaign pays for the old 
server hosting fees and part of the new server costs.  Luckily, my 
full-time job outside of SignWriting is able to cover the additional costs.

Sutton SignWriting Facebook group - Lots of visual posts and updates 
about SignWriting.

SignWriting List - Email group for posting questions, answers, and 
general information.

Center for Sutton Movement Writing - The CSMW closed in 2019.  We are 
planning a new organization for the future, but we are currently working 
together as individuals and friends.

Wikimedia Sign Language Projects - Active.  Lots of use for the 
SignWriting in Unicode 8 (uni8) character set on the English Wikipedia 
and Wiktionary.  The test sign language wikipedias on incubator use old 
technology that needs to be replaced.  Lost of posted sign graphics for 
Polish Sign Language.

Steve Slevinski - I'm always available to chat about SignWriting. Want 
to say thanks or formalize our relationship?  Join my Patreon campaign 
to help secure SignWriting's future.

Unicode Standard - The challenge was accepted by Google.  They created 
an OpenType Font that is compatible with the SignWriting in Unicode 8 
(uni8) specification.  The font is called Noto Sans SignWriting.  It 
forced me to reconsider the official Unicode design.  This last Sunday, 
I created a new support library over a twelve hour code sprint.  It 
resulted in the @sutton-signwriting/unicode8 software package available 
on NPM.  I still don't like this character set for a variety of reasons, 
but I will be including support in the Sutton SignWriting Web Components 
as a third option for the character encoding.

Script Encoding - I didn't see any new ideas or development of older 
ideas with regards to script encoding and layout.  People keep assuming 
that polar coordinates are better than cartesian coordinates.  I still 
have my proposal for 17 additional characters to finish the Unicode 
design for structural markers and number characters.

Font Design - The Noto Sans SignWriting works with facial diacritics.  
This is untested but good enough for experimentation. The new 
@sutton-signwriting/unicode 8 support library is ready, but I still need 
to update the Sutton SignWriting Web Components before we can really 
test it out.

Internet Draft
The Internet Draft called draft-slevinski-formal-signwriting is 
expired.  It contains information about SignWriting 2020, but does not 
include the latest developments and technology stack.  It contains 
useful and valuable information.  I will update it again some day.

SignWriting 2021
I look forward to working with SignWriting next year.  I have three main 
focuses.  1) Keep the old server running, 2) Move the websites to the 
new server, 3) New developments for the Sutton SignWriting Web 
Components and the SignWriting Cloud.

I am also interested in everyone else's SignWriting projects and wish 
them all the best in 2021.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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