Hello SW List and Valerie!

Thank you, Valerie!

My Sunday was great!

I worked on Stefan's video for three days, about twelve hours in total. 

His suggestions for the neck stretching movement were followed.


I thought it would not be right to write the movement arrow over the hand to indicate that it pulls the head up.

Doesn't the hand look away from the head?

Wouldn't it be better to use this arrow to show that the hand and the head move together?


Is this arrow just for hand movement ?

Please continue to send feedback on the transcript. We are all learning a lot about torso movements.  

I wish everyone health!

Em dom., 16 de mai. de 2021 às 20:44, Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]> escreveu:
SignWriting List
May 16, 2021

The more I looked at this, his neck stretches up the most - so in this case I think we can avoid writing the Torso Movement, but instead write the symbol for the neck with the arrow showing it is stretching - and also at the end of the movement his head does a very quick “looking side to side”, so I added the arrows for the side to side head movement - there are also other details that could be added like a protruding chin and so forth… please see attached - is this helpful? should I continue?

Are there others here on the SignWriting List who could continue to give feedback? I hope so!

And thank you, Josenilson, for your writing of this video - it is a wonderful project -




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