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June 24, 2021

Josenilson, and everyone - I have not forgotten your writing questions from April, May and June - I know it has been a long time since I have answered.

I am definitely scattered these days, with guests arriving in 6 days, and so many other things - but we all have those distractions, don’t we?

So if you ask me maybe one question - perhaps from the Mime writing you are doing with the golf ball mime - but specifically show us one short sign or series of movements that I think I can focus on and I will take a few days to complete and post the answer for that one short segment - - just take it slowly - it will get done - you are already doing amazing work and recently there was a big golf tournament here in La Jolla, California, and as I was watching this world international golf tournament, I thought of your SignWriting document! ;-)

Also - I would like to write the Brazilian signs listed in the attached diagram - AMAR, PEGAR, and BUSCAR - based on us seeing a video of each sign - it is important because at the moment I have trouble reading the writing below - I suspect others would be surprised because they know their signs already so they don’t realize how a foreigner to LIBRAS like me, might misinterpret what they wrote since I do not know the signs already - it will be a good discussion -

Thanks for your patience and no rush on anything - my guests are leaving July 7th, so starting on July 8th I am here to work with you -

Have a great day -

Val ;-)


From: Josenilson da Silva Mendes <[log in to unmask]>

I had already watched Adam's videos. They are very good! About this particular video, some researchers here believe that the squeeze movement symbol replaces the fist handshape.

That is why they write the sign of love, in Libras, like this:

meaning this:

Or they write like this for to hold:

To say this correctly:

Until next time!


So that's this one



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