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July 29, 2021

Hello SignWriting List!

I hope you are enjoying the month of July ;-)

Recently, Rich Gleaves completed the new SignWriting mobile website. Thank you Rich ;-)

SignWriting mobile website

It is designed to work on phones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

It includes much of the content from, but in a new design. 

It also includes links of many history and research documents on SignWriting which are not easily found on

The new website features a learning app "Symbol Explorer”:

SW Symbol Explorer on mobile site

… which is an excellent tool for learning the SignWriting symbols and their symbol names. Click on a symbol, and the name of the symbol appears. This app presents the symbols in the same way as the SignPuddle app, making it useful for learning to use SignPuddle.

Here's one way to use the Symbol Explorer app to learn the SignWriting symbols:

1) In this screenshot, the app is displaying the symbols in the Index symbol group:

2) Click on the second symbol in the second column, and the symbol's name ("Index Hinge on Fist") appears on the screen in a box:

3) Drag the box upwards so it is next to the symbol you just clicked on:

4) Now click on the next symbol down from the symbol you clicked before. The next symbol's name ("Index Hinge on Fist Low") appears in the symbol name box: 

5) Click back and forth on the related symbols to see the differences between the symbols and their names.

Hope you enjoy the new SW mobile website!

Val ;-)



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