SignWriting List
April 20, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I need your help. Can you view the video from YouTube that I just posted on the front page of our web site?:

Go to:

SignWriting Site

This is the first time I have ever embedded a video from YouTube on a web page, and it is in Flash, or SWF I guess...

I have never posted a video in Flash before, and DreamWeaver, the program I use to do web design, keeps telling me that I have to do several things to make it visible on the new Internet Explorer...and I am having shows up on my Mac, but I am concerned maybe it will not be visible on a PC?

Does anyone use the latest version of Internet Explorer on Windows? Because the Mac no longer uses Internet Explorer and I have no way to test it...

The video is wonderful! A Deaf man, named Ed, from Michigan, who attends the Deaf Church that Pastor Ron Dettloff directs, explains in ASL that he was born Deaf and that he learned a little SignWriting but still needs to learn more, and then he reads out loud in ASL from the book written in SignWriting...He does a great job and it is a good video - Thank you, Ed and Ron, for doing this for us, and giving us permission to post...

Thanks for your feedback, everyone!

Val ;-)