SignWriting List April 19, 2010 Dear SW List Members! James Shepard-Kegl, and Dr. Judy Shepard-Kegl, have been in Iceland for the past few days, presenting their work with Nicaraguan Sign Language and SignWriting at conferences and Deaf groups. Their trip to Iceland has been blessed with the simultaneous historic eruption of the Icelandic volcano, and it is pretty stunning to think SignWriting was being presented in Iceland at the exact time that Iceland was in the news all over the world because of the volcano! James has been working with Nedelina Ivanova, who lives in Iceland. The two of them have been writing Icelandic signs in the Icelandic SignPuddle Online: Icelandic SignPuddle I will be discussing some of the Icelandic signs here on the SW List in the next few days, after I work on updating the SignWriting List information home page on our SignWriting Site... Thank you, James and Nedelina, for your new additions to the Icelandic SignPuddle! Val ;-) Valerie Sutton [log in to unmask]