I am interested to learn why there are questions about the viability of an
extension for the SignWriting script. The script is in existence and has
evolved for the last thirty years. More and more schools are making it part
of their curriculum and it is used all over the world. It is even taught at
university level in some countries.

This month there were queries for support in Great Britain and it may be
that either someone local or someone from Germany will help out. SignWriting
is very much a grass roots development. When you consider the evolution of
languages, it is astounding what has already been achieved.

My expectation is that once a first Wikipedia in a sign language exists,
many more will follow. Consider; there is a lack of literature in any sign
language. There is a need both to practice reading and writing. If anything
it has more potential because the intrinsic motivation for making this
happen is sky high.

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> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> > Hoi,
> > The creation of a wiki for SignWriting is a* very* exciting development.
> In
> > the language committee we have indicated that technical issues are what
> > prevents a Wikipedia for sign languages at this time. The SignWriting
> wiki
> > is effectively an incubator for the technology needed and for the
> languages
> > to write the minimum number of articles they need for acceptance as a new
> > language.
> >
> > Given all the technical issues, I am of the opinion that a requirement
> for
> > localisation can be waved. Sign languages with SignWriting would
> introduce
> > the writing in lanes ie top to bottom with characters moving slightly to
> the
> > right or left.
> >
> > What I am looking for is agreement what technical issues need to be
> solved
> > before a sign language can become a Wikipedia. Compatible policies are
> not
> > an issue. I am thinking of being able to include images in the text and
> > having wiki links. What else is absolutely required before we can move
> > forward once there are sufficient articles ?
> > Thanks,
> >       GerardM
> They seem to be using this plugin
> I'm not sure about its viability, though.
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