On 10/05/2010 3:22 PM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> Dear Jonathan,
> I've been trying to use your program - but I'm finding it a little
> difficult so I was wondering if you could explain a few things beforehand.
> I think most people (including myself) don't really know what this program
> is used for (or apologies if you have already explained, i can't seem to
> locate your older emails) - could you give us all a brief introduction.
I would love to explain it.
     SignWriter Studio has a lot in common with Puddle but has several 

Comparison SignWriter Studio and SignPuddle

*Feature* 	*SignWriter Studio* 	*SignPuddle*
User Interface 	English so far
	Multilingual and SignLanguage
ISWA 	ISWA 2008 will soon be upgraded to ISWA 2010 	ISWA 2010
Print list of signs 	Yes 	No
Terms/Gloss 	Yes, 1 principal and unlimited secondary glosses in one or 
more languages
	12 terms
Copy Paste symbols 	Yes 	No
Favorite Symbols 	Fully customizable list of favorite symbols 	No
Find Hand Symbol by characteristics 	Yes 	No
Find Symbol in list of base symbols 	Find the group for any symbol in a 
sign 	No
Symbol Selection 	Specialized choosers for rapid selection 	Palettes of 
base groups and groups
Writing with use of keyboard 	Yes 	No
Copy image of Sign 	Yes 	No (SWIS can export zip file of images in a 
Copy Paste sign 	Yes 	No
Document saved to file/can be emailed 	Yes 	No, unless exported to 
another format, can email with SignMail
Documents 	Yes, Can include pictures within document 	SignText
Export 	SBML, SignText 	SBML, SignText, BSW, SWML
Gloss to Sign 	Yes, can change gloss to search without losing 
selections 	Yes
Import 	SBML, SignText 	SBML, SignText, BSW, SWML
Include Picture with Sign 	Yes 	No
Include Video with Sign or Document 	No 	Yes
Print Document 	Yes 	Export to PDF for printing
Sign Column 	No 	Yes

Please let me know anybody if I got any of it wrong for SignPuddle.
> My main question is this: is it linked in any way to Puddle. Most of us i
> believe use Puddle so much nowadays- can files from Puddle be transported
> to your program? And if so how?
     One way is using SBML file from the puddle.  I was going to put an 
example together but I had a hard time getting a SBML for any one 
document in the US literature puddle.  I will have to ask Steve how to 
do that.
     The other way is from the SignText string.  The format of the 
string changed sincce the last time I tried it so I had to make some 
minor modifications to my program.  You will need to download the latest 
version.  First open the document in SignPuddle you want to move to 
SignWriter Studio.  Then mail it to yourself in with SignMail.  When you 
get the message right click on the link at the bottom that says Load 
message into SignText and chose Copy link location.
     Now open SignWriter Studio.  Open a new document.  From the 
Document menu choose Import.  Paste the SignText in the box.  Click on 
Import SignText.

To move a document back to SignPuddle. From the Document menu, select 
Export.  Click on Export SignText.  Select and copy the text from the 
SignText box.  Paste your browser.  It will open in the last puddle you 

There may be some discrepancies between the symbols in the two because 
my program is using ISWA 2008 and the SignPuddle is ISWA 2010.  I am 
working on updating my program to ISWA 2010.

> What I'm the lookout for is a program
> where I can organize the work done in Puddle for printing - that is,
> organizing columns easily into a template - something a little like the
> DocumentMaker but with less restrictions when it comes to longer documents
> - does your program provide for this?
My program can do reflow on the screen and for printing documents.  But 
if you want to reflow while adding page numbers, titles in Roman 
alphabet etc. My program doesn't handle that yet.  I hope to add a 
feature like that to it in the next version.  Do you have a few pages 
that you have already made that could show me what kind of layout or 
template you are looking for?

> Thanks your help,
> maria
>> Thanks to all of you who helped me fix this bug.
>> The new version is downloadable from Download SignWriter Studio Beta 4.2
>> <>
>> Please find more bugs :-)
>> Jonathan
>> On 02/05/2010 5:46 PM, Adam Frost wrote:
>>> I just updated my PC to Windows 7. Very exciting to take a look at
>>> SignWriter Studio. I did run into something that I don't know what
>>> really happened. I guess I crashed it like you asked. Ha! I was in
>>> SignEditor and I clicked on Add Symbol. I typed "Middle hinge" and was
>>> returned with an error saying "Could not find file 'C:\Program
>>> Files\SignWriter Studio\TVFavoriteSymbols.xml'." Now I can't open
>>> SignEditor without that message coming up even when I have reinstalled
>>> the program.
>>> Adam
>>> On Apr 30, 2010, at 10:14 PM, Jonathan wrote:
>>>> Hi Everybody,
>>>>     According to the feedback I received from my last beta version,
>>>> there was a big problem running SignWriter Studio with a limited
>>>> Windows user account.  So I have made the changes.  So far I have
>>>> tested under XP but still need for it to be tested under Vista and
>>>> Windows 7.  The changes I made should make it possible to run the
>>>> program as a non administrator on Vista and Windows 7 too.  I am
>>>> looking forward to your feedback either whether it is positive or
>>>> whether you detect a problem.
>>>>      I also made it possible to export and import the programs
>>>> settings.  Since Beta 3, SignWriter Studio comes with a very small
>>>> Sample dictionary and walkthroughs to help new users familiarize
>>>> themselves with the features.
>>>> Download SignWriter Studio Beta 4.01
>>>> <>
>>>> Feel free to share your opinions or any bugs you find.
>>>>      * Please let me know of anything you feel needs improving.
>>>>      * Please suggest better keyboard shortcuts
>>>>      * Please suggest better default lookup names for symbols in the
>>>> favorites list.
>>>>      * Any features you would like to see in future versions.
>>>>      * Try and crash the program
>>>>      * Ask all the questions you like after reading the help file.
>>>>      * The Beta 4 expires May 30th 2010.
>>>> Prerequisites
>>>> Windows Installer 4.5
>>>> <;displaylang=en>
>>>> or later is recommended.  Most computers already have this installed.
>>>> Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1
>>>> <>
>>>> for older computers which may not already have it installed.
>>>> Dot Net 3.5 SP1
>>>> <>and
>>>> up. Most computers already have this installed.
>>>> Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows
>>>> Server 2003;Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later
>>>> --
>>>> Jonathan Duncan
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>> Cel: 9784-9775
>> Tel: 213-5285
>> Skype: yojoduncan
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