Hi Adam,

Thanks for taking a look.  I've updated the SPML format a bit.  Now, 
each language has a source.  Each language can have multiple terms.  
This will be for the SignPuddle 2, so the data model change will be 
reflected in the new user interface.

The great thing about the new data model is that we will be able to have 
more than 2 languages per entry.  Having the ability for different 
sources for different languages will be helpful.

Here's the same entry.

<entry e_id="29">
  <item i_id="39" lang="ase">
    <term t_id="42" 
  <item i_id="40" lang="en">
    <term t_id="43">cannot></term>
    <term t_id="44">can't></term>
    <src>Valerie Sutton></src>