Hi Charles,

Charles Butler wrote:
> What settings are being used to be able to clip a sign from the puddle 
> and reproduce it, easily, not tediously, into:
> 1) an email

I'm using Thunderbird on a Mac.  I have it set to send emails in HTML.  
This is set under menu option Tools > Account Settings.  Then under the 
main email account, select Composition & Addressing from the list on the 
left.  There is a checkbox for Compose email in HTML.

When I'm online.  I drag the images from the browser onto the desktop.  
 From the desktop, I drag the images into the email.  After the email 
has been sent, I can safely delete the images from the desktop.  If you 
delete the images from the desktop before you send the email, the images 
will not be sent.

That's how I do it for email.