Hi List,

Version 1.0 of the SignWriting Image Server is ready.  With this 
release, the open standards of SignWriting are here.  Open licenses with 
an open implementation.

With SWIS, you can view and create individual signs or entire sign texts 
with Binary SignWriting.  I will be putting a series of videos together 
to explain how to use the package.

With the Windows or Mac version, you can use SignText on your local 
computer without an Internet connection, then create images of 
individual signs or entire columns of sign text.

View online:

SWIS includes both the new SignMaker and the new SignText.  It has all 
of the functionality of Customize Sign and ColumnMaker.


SWIS for Web Servers
Download: (14 MB)

* Requires a web server with PHP 5 and the GD graphics library.
* Unzip to the public html folder

SWIS for Windows
Download: (35 MB)

* Includes preconfigured web server
* Unzip to any folder, even a USB drive
* Start the Server_Start.bat file
* Open http://localhost in browser to view

SWIS for Mac
Download:  (220 MB)

* Includes preconfigured web server
* Unzip to MAMP folder and move to Applications
* Start the application in the MAMP folder
* Open http://localhost:8888 in browser to view