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May 13, 2010

Hello Everyone!
So many amazing changes and new developments and new programs and new makes your head spin, or at least mine is spinning - ha!

Thank you everyone, for your many messages -

OK. Of course you need Steve to answer most of these technical questions, but regarding SBML...that stands for SignBank Markup Language and SBML was developed so we could export individual signs from SignPuddle dictionaries into the SignBank database program...

And SBML works for other programs too...but it is only exporting individual dictionary signs made with SignMaker, but not full SignText documents...

So Jonathan, were you trying to export SignText documents using SBML? I right that SBML only exports individual dictionary entries made with SignMaker, not SignText?

And Jonathan - Steve is working on a new SignPuddle 2.0 which will use the SignWriting Image Server (SWIS) and the ISWA 2010. Right now, the current SignPuddle is still using the ISWA 2008...

And when the SignPuddle 2.0 is ready, the SignMail feature will work better - right now it is not I had a little trouble with it myself, but I know it is old and has to be re-vamped for SignPuddle 2.0...

Not sure how to answer the BSW question, but I assume it will be our central means of exchange...

Val ;-)


On May 13, 2010, at 7:50 PM, Jonathan y Yolaine wrote:

> Steve and Val,
>     I tried to export from SignPuddle but I didn't get the expect results.  The SBML export send the headers of the articles in the litterature puddle.  I know that my program may be one of the first trying to read information exported from it in a long while and some changes have been made.  
>     Also do you have any tips for using the SignText from SignMail?
>     Will BSW be your main means of exchange between programs in the future?  I don't have BSW implemented yet.  I hope to change over to ISWA 2010 first.
> Thanks for your help
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