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May 27, 2010

> On May 27, 2010, at 1:17 PM, Charles Butler wrote:
> I am curious as to how you wrote the sequential sentence below with SW symbols imbedded in a straightforward English sentence when I can't get the symbols to actually print in a sentence to save my life.  If you can imbed in an email, why can't I imbed in an Excel file without being very tedious in looking up every single sign, copying a graphic into a separate graphic file, importing that graphic into the Excel file and sizing it multiple times. 


Charles -
I do this all the time with no problems, in all kinds of software, so there is something that is happening on your computer and I will be glad to help you...I know you asked lots of questions before and I planned to answer them - just haven't gotten to them yet.

First, I use SignPuddle Online. I make sure that I have logged in with my password, so that I have all the buttons I need on the right side of each entry.

Then I open the Excel Program or whatever program you are using, like Microsoft Word, for example.

I now have SignPuddle in one window, and the Excel program in the other window, side by side.

Then I find the sign I want in SignPuddle and click on the "Customize Sign" button on the right of the sign in SignPuddle.

After I customize the sign to the format I want, I can then do one of the following:

1. drag and drop the sign from the customize area into Excel

2. or...right click on the sign and choose "Save As" or whatever the equivalent phrase is on your computer...that saves the sign as a graphic to your desktop and then you can use the "Place" command or "insert" command in Excel

3. or you can try right clicking and copying and pasting

It depends on software you are using, but one of those methods usually works...and computers are not as standardized as you would think when it comes to the formats each piece of software software varies and so do word processors...but I have found the Microsoft Word can easily accept SignWriting graphics files in a variety of you just need to find the solution for your specific machine...

In regards to editing SignText documents and Clythe - You have buttons on the right side of the document if you logged into SignPuddle, and one of those buttons says "Write SignText" and that loads the document into the Editor for you to edit...then when you fix the sign or signs, save the document again and you will see it is now changed...

This should get you started - best of luck - I will be back online tomorrow morning - have a great day everyone -

Val ;-)