SignWriting List
May 29, 2010

On May 29, 2010, at 9:19 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
> I am now VERY frustrated that other people on this forum can use SW from their dictionary files, but if I try the symbols no longer copy and paste into this forum.  The rest of you can paste in, I cannot.  What is wrong?

What email software are you using, Charles? Is it Outlook Express, or are you writing directly from on the web?

Does, in their email software, have an "Attach File" button? I would assume so.

And does your email software ask you if you want to write in Plain Text or in Rich text? You can change the settings on your email software, in other words, to accept html in your email, and to send html...there are all kinds of settings.

Have you tried to right click on the sign in the Customize area in SignPuddle, and save it to your desktop as a graphic file? Then when you are creating your email message, type in English and then push the "Attach File" button to place the sign (that is a graphic on your desktop), into the message...that is the way I do it...

You are welcome to telephone me at 858-456-0098 for tech support if you wish -

Val ;-)