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May 29, 2010

Hello John, Suzanne and everyone!

I am so glad to see so much interest in the SignWriting Workshop in Southport, UK!

I believe there will be both ASL and BSL materials in the workshop...I am sending instruction materials that happen to be written in ASL, and I can see that Suzanne has written a little BSL, and so has Sandy Fleming and others, so we need to find all the materials we do have, and start from there...

And the details are still being worked out, and of course you all will be informed...

Wow - Deaf-UK egroup has 3000 members?! If a few of them want to attend the workshop that would be wonderful...

So now, John, even before the SignWriting Workshop, you can start learning SignWriting right here on the List - have you tried to write some BSL signs in the BSL SignPuddle? I am happy to help you or anyone, step by step, to learn how...maybe you could help us build the dictionary online by starting to write a few BSL signs in the dictionary?

Great Britain SignPuddle area

BSL Dictionary in SignPuddle

Val ;-)


On May 29, 2010, at 11:03 PM, John Savva wrote:

> Thank you very much for Suzanne to offer this (and others who worked hard to make it happen).
> It would be good if have a full day or weekend where other people from UK can come and stay overnight (accommodation list would be appreciated or accommodation is included?).  
> Please let me know any advert for the course and I will submit to Deaf-UK egroup (3,000 members in UK).
> I would like to see both ASL and BSL materials for Signwriting involved in this course.
> John.