Hi Valerie, 
wow - this is great. I love your solution and I think it is perfect! 
Thanks for explaining ho to get around in the SignPuddle - what a simple
solution to use this little curved symbol! 

Perfect e-lesson. 

And yes - I think everybody should add fotos if we discuss hand shapes -
spelling questions. Much better than words

Thank you 


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Betreff: Re: spelling question F-hands like in "Deaflympics"

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May 30, 2010

Hello Stefan!
Thanks for this question and the great photos. We have the same handshape
relationships in ASL too...for lots of signs.

There are actually three points I would like to share with you ...

1. Did you know you can show the two hands intertwining? Here are two
examples. See the little curved overlapping that shows they are
intertwining. To create this in SignPuddle, place one handshape a little
over the other one, and then use the small curved line for the "Simultaneous
Movement"...the "Same-Time curved line" in Dynamics - to create the curve
inside the now they really look like they are intertwining...