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May 5, 2010

Hello Maria -
Thank you for this message...

On May 5, 2010, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> yes i have a facebook page - under Maria Galea (not Azzopardi - that's my
> maiden surname) - i tried looking up Valerie Sutton but never managed to
> locate you :) have joined the signwriting group, thanks
> maria

I could not be sure which Maria Galea you were on Facebook - I did not want to add the wrong Maria Galea to my Friends list ;-)

It is so surprising how many people have the same name in the world! There was a whole list of Maria Galeas.

And now I know why we cannot find "Valerie Sutton" on Facebook...that are 99 Valerie Suttons on facebook but none of them are me because when I signed up on facebook I used the name SignWriting for the account, but then filled out the profile form as Valerie it is very is my page:

Valerie Sutton Facebook page is under "SignWriting"

And I would love to change this problem, but I cannot figure out the facebook

So Maria, can you give me the exact link where you are on Facebook? or...just go to my Facebook page (see above) and join my page and then I will know how to link to you -


And I joined SWIG today:

SWIG - SignWriting Interest Group

but I could not join the SignWriting Facebook page because I believe it is a private group...

"SignWriting" Facebook page

But then I found another "Sutton SignWriting" facebook page too!

"Sutton SignWriting" Facebook page

Val ;-)