SignWriting List
May 8th, 2010

May 6, 2010, Jonathan wrote:
Thanks to all of you who helped me fix this bug.
> The new version is downloadable from Download SignWriter Studio Beta 4.2
> Please find more bugs  :-)  Jonathan

Hello Jonathan!
Thank you for fixing the bug on Windows XP is working now!

I downloaded the new version and then had no trouble opening a new dictionary file and starting a new dictionary from scratch...

And I think it is wonderful that you have a way to search the dictionary for signs using specific symbols - "a search by symbols" approach is very useful -

So until I add a lot of signs, it is hard to really test it...I will try to add more later today, and I am enjoying is a nice program...

I am glad you will be updating the program to using the ISWA 2010...The ISWA 2010 will be frozen for a there will be a whole decade of stability...the ISWA 2010 had 261 handshapes used to write 40 sign languages...

To learn more about the ISWA 2010:

SignWriting Symbol Lessons 2010

ISWA 2010 Reference in HTML

Val ;-)