I don't usually even get that much from it when I try clicking on that link... fortunately, I can usually see the message in the body of the email so I don't need to use the link... but it hasn't been working for a while now.
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SignWriting List
May 13, 2010

> On May 13, 2010, at 7:54 PM, Charles Butler wrote:
> I tried to read the recent mail text and it was scrambled and squashed.  Am I doing something wrong?


No - you did nothing wrong, Charles. I assume you clicked on the link at the bottom of the SignMail that we received on the List,  that says "Load into SignText" so you could see or respond to the message...I tried that too and I got this bunch of squished signs that piled into the SignText Editor but could not be saved or re-written...smile...I am sure this will be fixed in time...smile...