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May 26, 2010

On May 26, 2010, at 9:39 AM, Dali balti wrote:
> First I really want to express my deepest thanks for Valery Sutton, I am every day amazed by Signwriting System, I do not find the words to exress my gratitude for her, and also for the all the stuff who are working with her, many thanks to all the friends from all over the world for their contribution with answers and inquiries which made me learn faster signwriting!!!!!
> The question I have is as follow:
> For example, I have an L handshape, 
> 1) how can I write only the index closing from the knuckle! (only index closes/moves while the thumb is fix)
> 2) Both the thumb and the index closing from the knuckles! (both index and thumb close together)
> Many thanks for the contributions!!!!! Blessings!


Hello Dali!
Thank you for the kind words, and many thanks to Ingvild Roald from Norway again, for teaching as is nice to know our teaching is useful! ;-)

Your new question above is a very interesting most cases, there is not a linguistic "meaningful" difference between the thumb and index both closing from the knuckle joint together, and "only the index finger" doing the movement, since in both cases the end result of the motion is the "two fingers touching each other"...and we write that finishing position.

I am not sure I understand the question fully...

We can write the difference for research, but for writing for everyday use I suspect those details are not necessary to write, unless there are two signs that can be confused with each other if we do not differentiate it.

Having told you all this, let me show you ways you can write the difference, if you feel it is important:

Generally we write the "ending position", or the "result of the arrows" as Ingvild already the ending position is the same but in these examples the actual movement is slightly different: