SignWriting List
May 26, 2010

Hello Shane, Stefan, and Maria!
Many thanks to the three of you for responding to my message about teaching SignWriting at this center for the Deaf.

I will write to you privately with the director's email address. Perhaps you can write to her to find out if they have the funds to pay for transportation...I doubt it that they do...but they do have some money to pay for books and so forth. So I assumed that the teacher would need to be living in the UK close to Manchester or Southport...

But if it would help if I donate some books, then maybe that money could be used to help pay for your trip there...I really do not know what they can manage financially....

I will write to you all privately about this...meanwhile...

Their web site:

The director, named Maureen, wrote to me the following:

"If you can find a teacher  that can come to us that would be great...
Monday evenings  is the most appropriate  for the lessons... there is alot of space.  and 2 smaller rooms..
however there are  no  conference type facilities  and No access to computers there.we have maybe  15 people  to 20 people attend each week..Having a  training day/s would be a  little different...  .we also have a venue on friday afternoon , ( 1.30 till 3 )  but we could have it for longer...  this room could hold  12  to  14 people, alternatively  I may be able to get the use of an alternative premises..... depending  on what   equirements are needed by the teacher and the hours /days"