Hello BSLers,

I remember the project that Marianne Stumpf and I worked on in Brazil when SignWriting for Everyday Use was translated into Portuguese and LIBRAS.  Would it not be a good idea to go through SignWriting for Everyday Use and use examples of British Sign Language rather than ASL for the illustrations? That would make it an accessible textbook almost immediately.  Though all the handshapes of BSL are not currently in the SignPuddle, enough are to make SignWriting for Everyday Use updateable very quickly.

I am now VERY frustrated that other people on this forum can use SW from their dictionary files, but if I try the symbols no longer copy and paste into this forum.  The rest of you can paste in, I cannot.  What is wrong? 

Looking through the BSL SignPuddle, I find for Group 1, Who (index facing toward the speaker), Y (index facing away from the speaker), X (two indexes at 45 degrees), England (index facing up and index half-and-half out), Mouse (two indexes facing down, rubbing together alternately).

These I just found in going through frequency for BSL.  


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Subject: SignWriting Workshop in Southport, UK has a teacher now

SignWriting List
May 29. 2010

On May 29, 2010, at 7:43 AM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> This month there were queries for support in Great Britain and it may be that either someone local or someone from Germany will help out. SignWriting is very much a grass roots development. When you consider the evolution of languages, it is astounding what has already been achieved.

Hello Everyone - Maria, Stefan, Shane, Charles, Suzanne -

I want to thank all of you who offered to teach SignWriting to the Deaf Center in Southport, Merceyside, UK.

Suzanne Pach, who lives in Liverpool, which is close, and who knows Southport, has accepted to teach the workshop. Arrangements are being made now, for a workshop scheduled possibly in August, but we do not know the particulars yet.

As soon as we know the dates and times we will announce the workshop to the SignWriting List and to the SLLING List, because others who live in the UK will be welcome too...hopefully British Sign Language (BSL) will be written in the workshop, but the materials will mostly be written in ASL...that is why we need materials written in BSL if anyone has some...I know Sandy Fleming has written some BSL and we would be most happy, Sandy, if we can also use your writing as classroom materials?

Thanks to all of you, for offering to teach - your enthusiasm is wonderful!

Today I am packaging a box of SignWriting materials to send to Suzanne in advance -

Thank you, Suzanne for accepting -

Val ;-)